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KRTL Asia has a strategic purpose which encompasses many benefits and are not limited to:


  1. Meeting Domestic Government requirements for R&D companies to operate, obtain MFDS approvals, access to Government facilities, obtain strategic development grants, and direct access to nonprofit organizations in Korea

  2. KRTL Asia can potentially meet required guidelines to become a Publicly Traded company in Asia

  3. KRTL Asia has the possibility of 100 percent ownership of its IP to better protect its patents

  4. KRTL Asia benefits form the Korean territory credibility with its neighbors and be able to collaborate with other Asian countries like Japan for additional R&D development

  5. Creates government opportunities for grants, access to Government facilities and other domestic nonprofit partnerships

  6. Can be the first to introduce and register Cannabis seeds in Korea with government approval and create a future CBD seed bank in Asia

  7. Brings opportunity to develop and distribute products within tariff free zone territories

  8. KRTL Biotech the parent company owns 49 percent of KRTL Asia with the authority to negotiate favorable opportunities

  9. Board members of KRTL Biotech Inc sit on KRTL Asia

  10. KRTL Asia can benefit by having access to proprietary technologies and R&D opportunities in the lucrative Korean cosmetics industries

  11. Headquarters for all future treatment facilities Inside Asian boundaries. KRTL Asia has a market focused on VIP clients inside Korea and other Asian countries for its planned future facilities and products

  12. C3 Co. Ltd. signed an exclusive manufacturing agreement with KRTL, they are FDA class 2 approved and CGMP manufacturer in Korea

  13. JBF Jeonnam Bioindustry Foundation Center of Natural Resources Research has signed MOU with KRTL Asia, KRTL Biotech, and KRTL Canada

  14. With JBF we can now add over 20 additional ailments such skin diseases and include veterinary medicines to our roster of research

Kyong Lae (Kai) Kim

Founder/ CEO KRTL Asia

A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of QUEENCH, Inc. OTC: QENC


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