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Dr. Stefan J. Kas

Chief Executive Officer

Stefan J. Kasian, ND, PhD, serves as the chair of the Society for Humanistic Psychology (American Psychological Association’s Div. 32) Transpersonal Psychology Special Interest Group (TP SIG) since April 25, 2019.


Dr. Kasian, a licensed naturopathic physician, integrates his training in transpersonal psychology with decades of expertise in real estate and investment banking. His unique breadth and depth of education, training, and expertise in these diverse fields provides a solid foundation for his vision to influence the evolution of society in humanitarian and sustainable ways, including, but not limited to, healthcare and housing sectors. His work as a chief innovation technology officer advances value-based, virtual, and rejuvenative initiatives along social, spiritual, environmental, and economic bottom lines. As a near-death experience survivor, he developed protocols to optimize one’s inner and outer environment and build home/health resilience, which is especially pertinent during the global crises facing us today. A lifelong learner and cross-cultural liaison, he has led graduate students and clients on immersive, ethnomedical voyages, e.g., to tribes in the Amazon rainforest. Both the transpersonal experiences of the participants plus the building of community with indigenous populations help to preserve priceless natural medicine traditions by cultivating an awareness of Earth’s interconnected energy and ecology.


Rooted in the worldviews of William James, Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow, and many others, transpersonal psychology (TP) embraces the totality of being human, including expanded states of awareness, spirituality, and other limitless “further reaches” of human experience. Members of the TP SIG focus on:

  • Exploring the history and philosophical underpinnings of TP.

  • Researching and scholarly writing in TP.

  • Promoting direct transpersonal experiences.

  • Harnessing these exceptional experiences into practical applications to benefit individuals and the world.


Themes concerning members of the TP SIG revolve around, but are not limited to, issues of inclusivity, ecology and social justice, conflict resolution and peace, optimum development of health and human potential, seeking “deeper” meaning and truth; applications of creativity, intuition, dreamwork, parapsychology, shamanism, and psychedelic medicine, etc. All these themes are relevant and pertinent to address multiple modern-day crises, including the pandemic that gripped the world.

Dr. Stefan J. Kas
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