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Our Mission

A new generation where science, nature, and technology merge...

KRTL Biotech Inc

About KRTL Biotech Inc.

KRTL Biotech Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of KRTL Holding Group, Inc. (OTC: KRTL), is dedicated to pioneering advancements in biotechnology research and development. Its core mission is to forge robust partnerships with CGMP manufacturers, ISO Certified Laboratories, and KRTL Biotech has forged a groundbreaking agreement with a prominent Bolivian public university. This partnership has opened doors to a myriad of educational collaborations across various industry sectors. From agriculture to biology and chemistry, we actively engage in the development and enhancement of formulations that drive progress.


Our team of professionals bring expertise, drive and commitment to the ownership, operation, and development of KRTL, as a brand. Through calculated partnerships and affiliations, KRTL has brought together a team with specific talents and masteries.

Experienced Leadership

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